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What are chronic sinus infections?

This infection is an inflammation of your nasal sinuses and can be caused by other infections, allergies or autoimmune diseases. While most sinusitis infections can be easily treated, chronic sinus infections come with more severity and require more medical attention. Sinus pressure symptoms and post-nasal drip are two very common causes of chronic sinus infections; if you recognize some of the symptoms early on and get treated, you won’t have to worry about some of the more severe repercussions of chronic sinus infections.

Chronic sinus infections tend to last longer than 3 months and have a larger variety of symptoms. Nasal congestion, facial pain, headaches, coughing, post-nasal drip, the appearance of a sinus cyst and dizziness are all common symptoms of chronic sinus infections. These sinus pressure symptoms are almost immediately recognizable as being associated with chronic sinus infections and should be addressed right away. The sooner you get your rhinitis (another word for sinusitis) treatment, the less likely your case will turn into fungal rhinitis. Treatment can be anything from antibiotics to dehumidifiers to changing some of the environmental factors surrounding your everyday life. Dealing with chronic sinus infections is not easy, so take care of it as soon as you recognize some of the symptoms.

Treating sinus pressure symptoms

Rhinitis treatment can include a variety of tactics, depending on what sinus pressure symptoms you want to treat and how severe your case is. Seeing a doctor right away will get you started on the right course of treatment, but post-nasal drip and nasal polyp treatment are common examples. Polyps are overgrowths of mucous that occur in chronic sinus infections and may require steroids or other antibiotics to get rid of entirely. If you catch sinusitis early, a doctor can take less drastic measures to get you well again.

However, if your chronic sinus infections are turning into fungal sinusitis, surgery may be your option; removing all the fungi from your sinuses is the only way to ensure it does not start to grow again. Post-nasal drip, sinus cyst, and nasal polyp treatment options are less effective when there are fungi involved, since that is a much stronger factor. Dealing with chronic sinus infections can be tricky, but with a doctor’s help, you will feel like yourself again in no time.

Sinus cyst and nasal polyps treatment

These two symptoms deserve special mention because they often require surgery to get better. Surgery by way of sinus cyst and nasal polyp treatment ensures that a doctor gets everything and the conditions are less likely to come back. They are part of dealing with chronic sinus infections and with immediate medical attention, your sinus passages can be clear again.