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To facilitate the collaboration and coordination of his network of specialists, Dr. Chandler has created the D-Scope System. D-Scope is a recording platform with an evolving communications technology that allows the doctors in his group of trusted specialists to share notes, video conference and collaborate more easily and completely.

D-Scope creates a universally compatible system that eliminates redundancy, improves the efficiency of examinations and helps patients better understand their diagnosis and treatment by showing them exactly what Dr. Chandler sees. Care becomes more coordinated when shared efficiently with other doctors with a wide range of specialties. This makes Dr. Chandler’s approach using a network of other specialists very effective in getting you treatment.

D-Scope streamlines procedures, giving you more time to discuss treatment and recovery with your doctor. It also allows doctors to record and review examinations, giving them more time to analyze and investigate your symptoms. This also saves you trips to the doctor’s office, since with D-Scope, one recorded examination is often enough to provide a thorough analysis.

Dr. Chandler’s network of specialists depends on D-Scope to function properly.
D-Scope’s new cloud- based secure data storage and access system allows physicians and specialists all over the world to securely access his patient files. Now, instead of traveling halfway across the country to meet with the premier specialist in your illness, you can discuss treatment with him conveniently at the offices of Dr. Chandler. Every file is encrypted and password-protected to ensure that all your personal health information stays completely secure.

This powerful collaborative tool is what makes Dr. Chandler the best all-around solution for all your respiratory healthcare needs. No matter what specialists you require, they can be contacted and brought completely up to speed with the help of D-Scope. With D-Scope, you can be assured the fastest treatment with the best possible results.