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Dr. Chandler specializes in the treatment of asthma and chronic sinusitis. An expert and experienced allergist, Dr. Chandler has become a dedicated and experienced practitioner of the unified airway approach to treating respiratory disease. Dr. Chandler has spent decades studying airway diseases as an internist and allergist and has also absorbed additional expertise from long association with other types of specialists.

Nasal endoscopy and laryngoscopy are employed regularly in addition to routine testing for allergies and breathing capacity. This multidisciplinary approach is particularly well-suited to managing patients whose respiratory problems involve more than one system. He is more than happy to lend his expertise in diagnosing and treating issues with breathing, asthma, coughing or sinusitis.

Finding specialists to assist with your health concerns is frustrating and expensive. Dr. Chandler can call on his network of specialists to coordinate with both you and him in order to give you the best, most complete care possible. Dr. Chandler only works with a trusted network of specialists he has assembled himself.